Not another F*n article about why you should meditate

Reasons to Meditate

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If you're looking for “The 5 Reasons You Should Meditate” or “The 7 ways to Add Mindfulness to Your Day”, to get you into a meditation practice, that's not this article.

How many reasons do you want? I googled it for you.

5, 10, 20 reasons? Try 40 “darn good” ones --->

Want more?
Here are 99.
Here are 100. 

I know I know. I NEED SEO.
I should write my own article.

But I can’t do it! Or I don’t want to, at least not today.

I had an epiphany, where I realized if I started OM*Lab with THAT article, I’d be full of shit. There was a reason I couldn’t get more than 6 words down on paper. So stay with me...

OM*Lab is officially past the 4 weeks mark (launching officially 8/1)!  We are just opening our eyes and giving you a social smile, that may or may not be a result of gas. Our personality is emerging. While the OM*Lab website may look very calming like a traditional (though completely non-traditional because it’s virtual) meditation studio, this is designed to be a different sort of community, where you take action with other awesome, adventurous, messy humans. 


Through the world’s first virtual, live meditation studio.
Through coaching.
Someday, through retreats and live events.

One way we decrease stress/increase joy is we meditate. OM*Lab is here to help mentor you to a regular meditation practice. Virtual + Live is the special sauce to make that happen. You don’t even have to wear pants (see site FAQ).

Meditation is an incredible tool on so many levels, from simple stress relief to deeper spiritual practice. It’s about finding peace among your mind’s landmines. It’s about being courageous. It’s about living a life you love, with gratitude and GUSTO. It’s about getting beneath your thoughts to find what’s helpful. It’s about feeling a little better.

Does meditation “cure” everything? No! Your shit is still your shit. But you might be able to handle it better...or faster...or with more self-compassion...or less swearing. And who doesn’t want that?

I can read you articles all day. But you won’t FEEL the why until you start practicing. 
So I’m not going to tell you WHY you should meditate - you can google that.


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