Meditation can feel like a huge undertaking when you're just getting started. 

When you start to try to quiet your mind, the first thing you might notice is how LOUD it actually is. This can cause even the most ambitious aspiring meditator to quit early, before they've had a chance to really get the hang of it.

In my early days, it took someone really being there for ME to help me trust myself alone with myself, guiding me and answering questions along the way. 

This exclusive service enables us to meet together, either at my location, your home or office**, or virtually, to work on the basics, and to craft your practice in a way that works for you! This is perfect for busy professionals, stressed out moms, who can't get to a studio and our current studio times don't work. 

We will talk about the practice, sit together, and discuss how to incorporate mindful practices beyond the cushion and take the practice of relaxation, equanimity, and presence into your day to day life. 


Please email us at for availability and additional pricing

**In-home services available limited to the westside of Los Angeles - West of LaCienega, North of 90/Slauson