Welcome Fire Nation!

Starting a business is NOT easy. (If it was, everyone would be doing it). And if you DO manage to get it going, it is bound to bring up all of your "stuff". 

It's easy to talk and talk and talk (or listen to EO Fire for years) about moving forward in your business and another thing entirely to slowly but surely take steps to be in the game.

And that is certainly NOT easy. You gotta get your mind right. 

But two powerful ways to keep moving forward are:
1) A regular meditation practice
2) Coaching & Support

Let's talk about it. 

Here are your free gifts!

1 - Join us for a virtual live meditation session. Simply choose a single class from the class schedule and use the promo code FIRE when you check out!

2 - Hop on a free call with me to get you moving forward and talk about what's holding you back. 

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Questions? email me at jessica@theomlab.com

- Jessica Improta, LCSW, Founder